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Welcome to Bald Man Running, a blog launched by Frank Murphy on January 1, 2015.

In March, 2013 I was selected as a contestant for the sixth season of Fort Wayne's Smallest Winner. Through this amazing program, I learned about good nutrition, sound exercise and accountability. By October, I would lose over 88 pounds (almost 37% of my original weight)! One of the many things I acquired through FWSW was a love for running. You can retrace my weight loss journey and discover how I became a runner by reading those entries labeled "fwsw" ...

Note: Many of the blog entries on this website predate 1/1/2015. Prior to launching BMR, I had written articles for various projects, and I have imported many of them into this blog (labeled "retro").

Monday, October 6, 2014

Show up

Not that anybody has asked, but if I were asked to summarize in just two words the secret to my success in getting fit over the last 18 months, here they are:

Show up.

When you don't want to get out of bed to make an early morning workout at the gym? Show up.

When you don't want to attend a nutrition class that's going to help you learn to eat right? Show up.

When you don't want to prepare a healthy meal because it's too time consuming/expensive/whatever? Show up.

When you don't want to do a scheduled training run because it's too hot/cold/early/late/whatever? Show up.

When you don't want to keep your food journal up to date? Show up.

When you don't want to step on the scale in front of your accountability group? Show up.

Getting fit is not complicated ... but just because it's simple, doesn't mean it's easy. Work out responsibly. Eat cleanly. Stay accountable. It's hard to do these things, and you won't succeed if you don't show up.

I've repeated these two words to myself at least a thousand times over the last 18 months, and it's helped me get off the couch, out of bed or away from the computer. What you do after you show up is also important, but that's a topic for another day.

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