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Welcome to Bald Man Running, a blog launched by Frank Murphy on January 1, 2015.

In March, 2013 I was selected as a contestant for the sixth season of Fort Wayne's Smallest Winner. Through this amazing program, I learned about good nutrition, sound exercise and accountability. By October, I would lose over 88 pounds (almost 37% of my original weight)! One of the many things I acquired through FWSW was a love for running. You can retrace my weight loss journey and discover how I became a runner by reading those entries labeled "fwsw" ...

Note: Many of the blog entries on this website predate 1/1/2015. Prior to launching BMR, I had written articles for various projects, and I have imported many of them into this blog (labeled "retro").

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I started shaving my head about ten years ago. I'd wanted to try it earlier, but my wife always objected. She thought people would think I was a neo-Nazi (seriously). When I finally got the "go-ahead" I went for it and have been shaving my head ever since.

About a year into the bald era, I had a dream in which I was bald. I'd had other dreams when I was physically bald, yet I had hair in my dream. Now I'm not into interpreting dreams for all sorts of meaning, but I do figure that when I finally turned up bald in a dream, I was indeed a truly bald man.

Last night, I had a cool dream (most of my dreams are cool). My wife and I were teenagers in Santa Monica. Her family owned an arcade (like Flynn's from Tron) on the Wharf and I was a multi-sport star at the local high school. We came from two different worlds. We knew each other a little from school, but really started liking each other after hitting it off at a church youth activity. Her family objected to our developing friendship, but that wouldn't stop us. One night, her brother Chris met me after football practice. He said his parents wouldn't object to me seeing Rose at the arcade, and then he said that he thought I was good for Rose. He gave me a bag of tokens and left. I went down to the arcade and started playing Ikari Warriors with my free tokens. After a few minutes, Rose came over and joined me. She leaned over and whispered into my ear, "I can get us all of the free Pepsi we want." And then the credits rolled ... (I kid you not ... this dream actually included a credits scroll).

What does this have to do with FWSW? Rick has said on numerous occasions that we are becoming athletes. Our training has equipped us to work harder and longer than ever before. I've heard him say this several times, but had yet to think of myself as an athlete (notwithstanding the blog entry from 5/16). Last night, it happened. I was an athlete in a dream. Silly? Sure. Cool? Absolutely.

(For those who are wondering, our real dating story was nothing like this. And yes, I was bald as a teenager in last night's dream.)

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