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Welcome to Bald Man Running, a blog launched by Frank Murphy on January 1, 2015.

In March, 2013 I was selected as a contestant for the sixth season of Fort Wayne's Smallest Winner. Through this amazing program, I learned about good nutrition, sound exercise and accountability. By October, I would lose over 88 pounds (almost 37% of my original weight)! One of the many things I acquired through FWSW was a love for running. You can retrace my weight loss journey and discover how I became a runner by reading those entries labeled "fwsw" ...

Note: Many of the blog entries on this website predate 1/1/2015. Prior to launching BMR, I had written articles for various projects, and I have imported many of them into this blog (labeled "retro").

Sunday, June 9, 2013

pretty Frank

Ok ... I've teased this upcoming, amazing blog entry about as much as I can. I should temper your expectations a bit. It's going to be amazing in my own mind. It will be based on a story that I particularly enjoy, and if you know nothing about that story, then you'll just scratch your head and think I'm absurd. That's okay. I'm writing this particular entry for me. If you enjoy it, then we're in the bonus, but if you don't ... oh well. As a final tease, here's one more quote from my inspiration: "The quality of any advice anybody has to offer has to be judged against the quality of life they actually lead." Profound, eh?

The other day I had a conversation with a friend that stared with the usual "you're doing so well" kind of comments. I'm finding FWSW dominates my conversations now. Some of the time it is because people ask questions ...  maybe they're just being polite or perhaps they're genuinely interested (it's sometimes hard for me to tell) ... but most of the time, it's because FWSW is dominating my thoughts. Whether I'm at home, church, work, or somewhere in between, I'm often thinking about a recent workout or an upcoming workout or a workout goal to obtain or ...

Anyway ... this friend said, "I need to do what you're doing." From there, we had a pretty, frank discussion (note the comma back there ... it's not a pretty Frank discussion, which would be about something completely different). She's considering applying to FWSW next year, and I would love to help her along the way. Of all the changes that have taken place in my life since April 1 (getting slimmer, eating better, sleeping sounder, dressing nicer, looking sexier, etc.) this has to be the most shocking development of them all. People are asking me about fitness, and that blows my mind. I know that I'm not an expert ... just a fortunate person who is getting a lot of high quality advice from a lot of high quality people.

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